What is ConnectForex?

ConnectForex is your number one online portal for finding high quality forex signals. Everything is configured online and you can be setup and copying a signal in just a few minutes! Check out our forex signals!

So what is Simple Trader?

SimpleTrader is the platform that we have developed in house to copy trades direct to your trading platform. SimpleTrader is a web based trade copier which is fully configurable online. The SimpleTrader platform executes trades between the master and clients in a 10th of a second, giving you industry leading execution time!

The most important thing about any copier is accuracy and being able to work with any broker around the world. There are so many copiers available but from our own experience they come with problems such as missing trades or the killer, not closing trades on the client side! We are confident that our copier will never have any of these problems and is 100% accurate.

So what does this cost?

So what does this cost?


Don’t want an EA?

If you don't want to use an EA, and simply want the trades to be executed directly with your broker then no problem! Our unique Direct Connect system plugs directly into your brokers servers and the trades will be executed directly with your broker. This means you do not require a VPS nor do you need to run Metatrader 24/7.

More about the EA

If you choose to use the Expert Advisor that we supply, then you will be shocked at how easy it is to use! Instead of having multiple EA's for each signal that you subscribe to, you simply attach the EA to 1 chart within your MetaTrader account. It doesn't even matter which chart you attach the EA too! The EA is constantly in contact with our systems and as soon as it recieves a signal to trade, it will place this trade instantly. Even if you subscribed to multiple signals, you would still only require 1 copy of the EA (per MetaTrader account of course!).

So what does this mean?

Simplicity.... your MetaTrader only requires 1 chart to be running 10's of trades at once, all being executed as soon as a signal is received without any human contact.